Welcome to the John Strutt Conservation Foundation

The John Strutt Conservation Foundation (JSCF), registered charity No. 1141021, and registered company No. 07444213, was founded by the late John Herbert Strutt in 1994.

The charity’s objectives are the conservation in perpetuity of the habitats and native wildlife – plants and all kinds of animals including insects, birds and mammals – on the Foundation’s land holdings at Kirkby Stephen and Bouth in Cumbria.   Whilst most of the farmland continues to be grazed and the woodlands to be managed – for example by coppicing – these activities are tempered by the need to support the best achievable mix of indigenous wild species.

However, no conservation body can work alone, for all contribute to creating a ‘living landscape’ across which wildlife can range freely, and the John Strutt Conservation Foundation cooperates with Cumbria Wildlife Trust, the RSPB, the Westmorland Red Squirrel Society, Natural England, the Forestry Commission and Historic England.

The Trustees also place a high emphasis on education, and encourage visits from schools, with a view to informing and enthusing children and young people on the subjects of wildlife and conservation.  Educational facilities are currently centred on the Hay Bridge Reserve, and enquiries can be made with the Warden there.

The Trustees welcome applications from individuals and organisations, for purposes of research or study, on all their properties.

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